Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Camarillo, California.  January 15, 2014. Post # 3: Return from Lost in Orbit!
Today, after little over a year working associated Diabetes Blogs out there on the web; I am extremely pleased to report that my diet of 1200 calories daily; 1.5 to 2 miles walking every day and taking my metformin doses as well as small doses of Insulin; my health remains good, blood glucose numbers remain under control.

My read of the blogs out there suggests most clearly to me that cutting calorie input, getting strong sufficient exercise and taking (for me at my age) necessary meds like metformin and small insulin doses have truly arrested the mess. Time and time again I read about those folks who have seriously limited carbs, follow a Low Carb High Fat – Mediterranean diet and have been able to contain the monster. They also monitored their blood glucose after meals and used the feedback to modify and prevent over eating as well as catch foods that are problematic for their bodies. This is referred to as eating to one’s meter.

I do NOT use the words “Cured”.  My book At the Precipice covers the aspects what My Doctor and I did to stop and arrest my mess that I had let get too far out of control.

There are those who blame this on ourselves that we had no discipline and deliberately overate. I object to that short cut assessment as it seriously overlooks how the ancient hunter gatherer  body little modified since ancient times that  genetic changes can take millions of years to see being made;  we sit here in a world where the raising and farming took place it is believed in the last 10,000 years and as for the amazing miracle changes in growing crops since the 1970’s of massive yields, genetic improvements in growing of grains, rice, corns etc.  have brought about 24/7 easy availability of rich refined food stuffs that has kept  pace with a massively still expanding humanity growth in our world.

Unfortunately, the hunter gatherer ancient body type is ill equipped to survive these changes that have snuck up on the human population in a few short 50 years  as well as the incredible drop in energy burn from computers, cars, labor saving devices and couch potato entertainment working, finding food and relaxing that coupled with the amazing improvements in food production make it easy to overwhelm this old body and we then get to see obesity in those with the strongest genes and body types and the rest of us who suffer get serious type 2 diabetes.

My answer from the peanut gallery is that our ancient body types get forced today to run and operate in a part of the energy/food quadrant it was never intended to do so  from its original design and arrival on earth.
What I keep seeing time and time again in the blogs; is that those folks most successful in arresting the type 2 diabetes conundrum are cutting calories and carbohydrates, upping exercise and careful eating to their glucose caveman finger prick meter watching the levels after a meal and carefully modifying and restricting diet. Many follow a Low carb-high fat style diet – and/or Mediterranean diet that is showing more and more promise and success.

Even more amazing is a new drug that has been released today  to help the kidneys dump over the side excess glucose  found in the urine in the blood.  In this day and age;  having a body that is doing everything possible to extract glucose from food and recovering loose glucose that today for all intent and purposes can be shot over the side. It is estimated that 25% of the glucose in urine  is actually recovered in kidneys and returned to the blood system.

Oh great, here I am trying to stop my diabetes and here I have a leaky liver dumping in excess glucose when not needed as well as  properly functioning  kidneys grabbing back the excess glucose (not needed either today) heading out the urine.
The drug that arrests the excess liver glucose release is Metformin and the new drug just released by the FDA is a drug called  trade name in the U.S. is Farxiga.  In Europe and Australia they call it Forxiga.  This drug joins the first drug in the SGLT2 inhibitor class: Invokana (canagliflozin). ( from Dr. Parker’s Diabetic Mediterranean Diet Web Site). Its other name is Dapagliflozin.
My understanding is that the drug helps guide the kidneys to exhaust the excess  glucose rather than retaining it and putting back in the body.

In any event, science marches on in many interesting ways!
Best wishes and good luck.


At September 30, 2014 at 11:50 PM , Blogger Elizabeth Stafford said...

I think you should write more :) I enjoyed reading your thoughts. I came over to your blog by way of Thank you for all of your research and then writing it down and sharing it!

At October 1, 2014 at 1:45 PM , Blogger jim snell said...


special kind thanks for your interest, time for checking this out.

I had hoped to write more but have been bogged down with minutia.

Best wishes, good health.

Jim Snell

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